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We are following every CDC guideline that has been provided to us from the State of NH. Our space is disinfected after every use, you are spaced out more than 6ft from another client, and we have a sperate entrance and exit in and out of our studio. Our schedule may look a little different because we do not have access to environmental ventilation, we are required to keep allow 30 minutes between every class. The studio has been blocked out with tape to keep each client in their own space. We are also constantly adjusting our schedule to accomdate and ease the waitlists. Our 24 hour cancellation fee is very important to us, please abide by our policies during these times.If you have traveled outside of New England, we ask that you please remain remote for 14 days before returning to in studio classes.If you have a fever, chills, or any symptoms resembling the virus or any other illness, please remain remote.If you or any family members have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19, please allow 14 business days to pass before rejoining our space.A mask is required in and out of the building, your mask must be removed before you participate in any physical activity. Please bring their own mat and water to class, our water station is currently closed.

We are following the rules, not making them, please be patient with us.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation during these difficult times.



We thrive off of your success and accomplishments.

 Once you step foot through our doors and join our space, you will feel the warm and welcoming energy. You'll crave it.  Our studio holds high standards. We pride ourselves on our studio family growth. Since we opened our doors we have tripled in size and kept the same clientele. We are here with open arms - welcoming all ages and body types. Come join our studio family.  

We have three studios inside our space. Our main studio space is over 1,100  square feet, fully equipped with everything you need for a group fitness class, and so much more. Our mirrors surround the space,  encouraging clients to keep an eye on their form.  If you're (unsure or not ready to take) a bit intimidated with group classes, feel free to take advantage of our private training studio. Our private studio space is open 7 days week, offering many different styles of sessions.  Our smaller studio is located in the front of the building. We run both studios around the same time and offer over flow classes to ease the amount of waitlists on our schedule. We have really tried to target every type of client in our community. Our private sessions are geared towards prenatal/postnatal recovery, injury prone clients, and we specialize in pilates reformer sessions.  We are more than happy to create sessions specifically for our client's needs or preferences.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.




Cally Wickson Weymouth


The results and knowledge she gained throughout her process of writing and creating her method truly come through and illustrate her passion for this industry. This method opened doors and created a style of exercise that improved the knowledge about the human body. As it became familiar up the East Coast, her clientele started to grow with doctors, nurses, surgeons and so many postnatal and injury prone clients. Cally opened her doors to C_Wickson Studios in Windham, NH and trademarked her certification book C_METHOD®, in 2016.  The method is known for preventative movements that transform the body. She continues to film virtual fitness videos offering her method worldwide.

"The C_Method is the only workout I have ever committed to. I am now closing in on four years at the studio and I am still being challenged daily, whether through studio classes or online virtually through the C_Method Lifestyle videos. I believe I have stayed committed because I do not view it as just a workout anymore but a true lifestyle change. Taking classes, sharing recipes, socializing and supporting fellow women has always been encouraged at C_Wickson Studios but has now been enhanced through the C_Method Lifestyle Challenges. Whether you want to start off small with some online videos or dive right into the community and a challenge, it is all there waiting for you. The first step is just to take a chance! I promise you will not regret it!" - Lauren

After my son I struggled to get back into working out. When I found Cally, it was the first time in a long time that I loved working out again. She is knowledgeable in her field, and really cares! She takes time to get to know you, your body's weaknesses, and she helps you learn how to overcome them. I love everything about her classes! I can't wait to get back after maternity leave. - Jenna



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