"Cally has changed my view on taking a workout class. In the past I've tried classes but they never stuck as a routine. I was a runner and a gym-goes. As soon as I took her class I was hooked on barre. Her class flow, music and personality is perfection. It's basically the perfect recipe to a successful workout. No on is like Cally. Legit life changing."         —Kimmy

"I LOVE Cally's version of barre! I didn't really like barre based in other classes I've taken, but I took Cally's class at the studio I was a member of just to fill my week. . . . I was sweating! And best of all I was challenged mentally. I love that Cally cares about form and I love that she aways makes slight adjustments because that's where it matters. The way Cally choreographs her classes is magic. Her instruction, tempo, cues, and encouragement are spot on. Plus, she;s one of the nicest people I have ever met." — Jeanne

"Cally is amazing! She knows every single one of her clients on a personal level. She puts extra effort and time at each of her workouts to help you focus on your bodies weak points and strengthens them. She knows her workouts — it will make you work hard and sweat. I promise you won't regret taking her classes. Can't wait to get back to her!! "                          — Katelyn


"I never cared about exercising because it bored me and I didn't love how it made me feel. One night out to dinner in 2012 Cally asked me if I wanted to try one of her classes the next morning. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Years later it's the thing I look forward to most every week. It makes me feel so good and the best part is laughing and love amongst the group that follows her. I don't care if your skinny, fat, old, young, orange, or purple— You will love it and you will feel and look incredible right away! Looking for a temporary interim studio like hers to practice at while this has been in the works is next to impossible. I am elated to have such an incredible friend open her very own studio. It's a dream come true not only for her but us too! Everyone who joins loves it because she is electric!  (Boogie oogie oogie!)" —Sam

"Cally is amazing! ...After my son I struggled to get back into working out. When I found Cally it was the first time in a long time that I loved working out again. She is knowledgeable in her field, and really cares! She takes time to get to know you, your body's weaknesses, and she helps you learn how to overcome them. I love everything about her classes! I can't wait to get back after maternity leave."  —Jenna

"So excited for this new studio and so happy for you Cally, you truly are the best at what you do! You're the reason I know about barre and just love it! Your passion shines through in all that you do and you're always willing to help anyone who walks in the door and motivate us all! Being pregnant now I feel so comfortable taking barre classes still (with a few modifications)and can't wait to get back into it with you as my instructor smile emoticon love you lady!!!" —Jaclyn

"All these reviews are so true Cally is really amazing at what she does! I have stopped going to barre until she opens again because it's just not the same without her as an instructor. I have tried other studios (since being pregnant and waiting for her to open closer to home) and no one has made me feel safe or modified anything the way Cally does. She is very experienced and makes you feel totally comfortable while still getting an awesome workout! She truly is the best!" —Jacqui

Inspiring Story

I never would have considered myself the perfect candidate or typical person to attend a barre studio. Working out was never part of my daily routine and staying in shape was not a top priority. However, following a year which involved a miscarriage, an endometriosis diagnosis, surgery, the beginning stages of IVF, and weighing in at my highest weight, I was ready for a positive change for myself, both physically and mentally.
Christmas of 2016 I was gifted two gift certificates to C_Wickson Studios. My sister had been attending the studio since its opening in June 2016 and my mom began shortly after in August. Both raved about Cally and the studio and encouraged me to try out the classes. I was hesitant I would be able to keep up and was unsure I would fit in. They reassured me that the classes were made for all levels, the instructors modified and advanced moves for those who needed it but most importantly that everyone was friendly and welcoming. So two days after Christmas, I made my way to the studio.
Fast forward to April 2017 and the day I witnessed the unexpected, a positive pregnancy test, as my first round of IVF meds sat in the fridge waiting for me to begin. I achieved what I believed was unachievable both mentally and physically. I conceived my child naturally and had been working out consistently for four months, three times a week. My mind for those four months was focused on living a healthier and happier life and the staff and atmosphere at C_Wickson Studios made my new lifestyle possible.
Nothing during those four months at the studio was easy, but the transformation I experienced was truly remarkable. I became someone who stopped recognizing what I couldn’t do and instead was now someone who embraced a challenge and pushed my body to its limits. Saying I can’t and getting frustrated during class was only going to take me so far. As my attitude in class started to evolve so too did my body. I began to see physical results but more importantly I felt happier and proud of myself for making it through multiple classes each week and sticking with something.
Now, just over a year since I started my journey at the studio, I have a newborn by my side, who joins me for my workouts. Cally and her staff have made it possible for myself and a growing number of moms at the studio, to work out the nine months of our pregnancies and to return when it is appropriate for our bodies. I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a healthier me, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and now post. Never did I believe I would be 9 months pregnant sitting on a mat completing a pre-natal yoga class, just four days before I would deliver my son. Never did I imagine being six weeks post-partum and ordering new pants because my pre-pregnancy pants were now too big. But most importantly, never did I believe I would miss working out and have a desire to jump back into a consistent workout schedule with a new baby at home.
If I had to describe C_Wickson Studios and the owner and founder Cally Wickson in one word, it would be compassionate. When you walk in the door, a sense of comfort comes over you. I always feared going to work out because I never knew what I was doing or felt that I would fit in. Day one at the studio made me realize these fears could be pushed aside. The staff and clients all care for one another and respect the individual journey each person is on. People support and encourage each other and truly want to help one another succeed. The studio is a place I have been able to celebrate some of my happiest moments, including telling Cally I was pregnant and a place I have been able to seek advice and security when needed. No one person is the same in any class but there is one common goal for all who attend C_Wickson Studios, to achieve their own goals, both fitness related and personal. I have achieved a goal I never thought was possible, working out consistently for a year, and coming out of pregnancy even healthier than I was going in to it. I cannot thank Cally, her staff and the entire studio enough for helping me along my journey and supporting me. My life has truly changed for the better this past year.
— Meg