What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancelation policy is 12 hours on week days, Monday through Thursday. We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy on Friday, Saturday, and, Sunday. If you are unable to cancel past the 12 | 24 hour cancelation policy, your class will be forfeited and you will be charged a $5.00 late fee.

Limited Membership - You will lose your class, plus be charged a $5.00 cancelation fee.

Where do I sign up?

You may click the CLASS > SCHEDULE tab above to create a profile, book, and purchase classes. Once registering for the class your mat will be saved. If you find you are unable to attend the class, we ask that you log back in and cancel yourself out of the class to open the spot for a waitlisted client.

Can I show up without registering?

Due to our waitlist policy and overbooked classes, we do require pre-registration for all classes .

How long do I have to register before a class starts?

Our class sign up window closes 30 minutes before the class starts. This is to allow the instructor to pre-plan for their classes, as well as know the clients modifications and injuries. You will see "call" on the schedule if it's a last minute sign-up, we are usually in the studio teaching so we recommend signing up before the window closes.

How long do I have to register for babysitting before a class starts?

Our babysitting window closes 60 minute before the class starts. We have so many little ones, we need to staff the room for the appropriately. Unfortunately we do not allow "walk-ins" for babysitting. We thank you in advance for understanding our policy.

I'm pregnant, which classes are safe for me to take?

We are lucky enough to have staff that is professionally trained with prenatal clients. The only classes that we do not welcome expecting clients in would be our Core, Form & Core, Circuit and Fusion classes. These classes are very difficult for our instructors to modify expecting mothers in, we recommend contacting the studio, to set aside some time for a private or two with one of our instructors of your choice.


We know how intimidating it may be to join or start something new, here is a few helpful tips that will make you feel a part of our studio before walking through our doors!

What should I bring?

 We have all the props and a bubbler in the studio for your convenience. You'll see a lot of the clients walk in with their own mats. Some like to place it over the studio mats for more cushion, or just because they feel more comfortable on their own mat. 

What should I wear?

 We recommend fitted leggings, a tank, and a comfortable lose shirt to keep you cozy throughout our warm-up.  Only wear clean indoor sneakers for these cardio classes: fusion, beatz, and sometimes instructors choice. All other classes listed including barre, yoga, and form are best barefoot or with grippy socks.

How do I sign up?

 All of our classes require pre-registration. You can find the schedule tab at the top to create your profile, book, and purchase classes. You can also download our app, search: C_Wickson Studios, this app is perfect for scheduling and for receiving last minute updates about the studio.


Welcome, welcome, welcome! We love new faces and we can't wait to meet you! We ask that you show up at least 10 minutes before the class begins. We want to introduce ourselves and give you a little tour of our space. There will be a new client form for you to fill out, this form is required before joining our classes. We ask that you write down any current or previous injuries you've had, and also if you are currently expecting or will be in the process of trying. It may seem a little personal but we only want to keep you safe and modified if needed.


We understand, take a deep breath. Please only join us up until 5 minutes past the class start time. This allows the class to adjust our mats and settle you in during our warm-up.