You inspire me

Did you know, I wake up cranky sometimes? Did you know, sometimes I don't want to work out either? Well, it's true, and it's real. Once I am in my happy place and I get to see all my clients faces, I get inspired. You all show up, maybe cranky too, but you show up. I make a couple jokes that you all don't even crack a smile at, I get you to a point in class where letting out a slight giggle is the only way you'll get through the class. Humor or not, I am there for you, and you're actually all there for me too. We breathe, feel, and work off each other's energy. You can thank me all you want for the "space I have created," but it wouldn't be a god damn thing without all of you. I want to remind you of how special you are, just you, and that you, yourself... you inspire me.

Inspiration, why would one need to be inspired? Let's think about your old workout habits, were they repetitive, did they play the same old music in the background, did you learn about your body or better yet, did you see a change in your mood or your appearance?

You inspire me. When you come to me with your back, neck, shoulder, wrist... I could go on and on, it doesn't frustrate me, it makes me want to work harder, harder for you. What if I could get you to understand why you're feeling this pain, is it because your form is off, or are you so frustrated with your previous injuries, you can't let go? In class we work on so many different muscles and alignments of the body, perhaps you are overthinking your injury, or maybe you were born this way. Either one you answered yes to, let's work together on it. Inspire me to help you understand the way your body works and let's conquer it together.

Inspiration through your body. I am constantly studying the body and learning new things, learning ways to help better your form and heal your joints. I find it fun when I can relate to the lower back pain from sitting at the computers for hours at a time, am I weird? Probably.  Learning your aches and pains only betters me as your instructor. Did you know when you bring these small details up to me that the person next you, 90% of the time, feels the exact same way? Why are we hiding behind our pain, is it just to fit in? 

That's where I come in and inspire you. How am I this lucky? I am lucky enough to have a space for you to change, grow, and become a better version of you.  Be you, be different, and keep inspiring me.