My calf muscles, yup I said it, my freakin calf muscles. What the f???? Sure, tell me you’ve never noticed them, or that they are “muscular,” and it’s “not a bad thing.” Well I fucking hate them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, they don’t consume my world. It’s just something I’m a wee bit insecure about. We all have our own 💩

Back to… insecurities

What a topic. What a HUGE issue in today’s world. Between social media and technology, are we getting lost in the mix? Is that who we have to blame?

The everyday person consumes over a half a day checking, posting, clicking, scrolling, on a screen. I’m not going to lecture you on screen time because I for one, run a business and it’s a HUGE peice of my life, it’s free advertisement… but what stands my company apart? Real people working on themselves instead of the photoshopped bullshit. Back to insecurities.

Insecurities exist, acknowledge them, don’t let them consume you. Do your insecurities make you who you are? No, they are a peice of you, that no one actually can see, only your eyes notice and create these yucky demons.

Think about it, at a young age you were brought to the hair dresser to sit down and flip through a magazine to “pick” out your new hair cut, color, and style. Why weren’t we able to go in and say, “I’d like my hair to my shoulders, and few light pieces around my face?” Sure, you may have said that once or twice, but can you really tell me you never, not once, went in and flipped through those awesome, hard cover 90’s style cut guides? You sure did, here was the beginning of becoming something we are not. It’s a little far fetched, but let it sink in.

Now, 2018, we google, Pinterest, Instagram, all these other ideas, or follow these people who we may want to look like. WHY? Why can’t we just find our best selves?

First step. UNFOLLOW the fakeness, if you’re unaware of it, it’s not going to consume you. BLOCK, it’s a harsh word, but just block that shit, why on earth do you need little miss Kathy questioning your every move, if you don’t want her to chat about you (she’s probably just admiring you, but your insecure and will assume she’s TRYING to be you,) just block her.

Life is too short, stop comparing yourself to others, try to be healthy, conscious of your actions, and make yourself feel good. If you really focus on the inside, dive deep into what makes you, JUST YOU, feel good, you start to glow and become just YOU. Be kind to yourself, just because you ate the pizza yesterday, doesn’t mean you “cheated.” You’ve only cheated yourself if you’ve missed out on the pizza. Eat the pizzaaaaa!

Admire yourself, wake up and look in the mirror. Acknowledge the fact that you are able to wake up and look in the mirror. Find something, just once a day, that you like about yourself. I also want you to just say “thank you,” to the next compliment you receive. None of the “My hair only looks good because I showered,” sure, that is probably the reason, but just send it back with a simple “thank you.” There is only one you on this earth, make her time here the most magnificent.