This ballet inspired pilates workout is set to high energy music and designed to tone and tighten arms, thighs, abs, and glute muscles. To maximize the workout we use various props, we start on a mat and make our way to the barre for support. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


We have combined all the good “spots” into one, thirty minute, express class. We will target the arms, abs, and backside. Join us in the toning and burning those hard to reach areas. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


This cardio class uses dance-fitness moves, with light up drum sticks, and upbeat music, to reach aerobic heart rate and increase strength. Come prepared by purchasing your own light up drum sticks: Wear indoor sneakers.

Purchase sticks today!


Join us for a fun surprise! All levels welcome, modifications will be shown. The class is usually a mix of everything we like to offer in our space. Come with sneakers, but we may not use them.


This is a full body workout set to upbeat music that will make you sweat. It fuses both strengthening moves with cardio for the ultimate workout experience. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


Separate exercise stations, varying week to week, that you rotate through. This form of high intensity training, targets strength building, and challenges your heart rate. Time in between each circuits is short, so be prepared to sweat! Come with sneakers, towel, and water.


Join us for a yoga flow that will incorporate stretches, gentle touch, and safe core work for mommy. We will spend time facing the barre, engaging our leg muscles and waking up our pelvic floor. We Will finish our class with some tummy time where we will relax, chat, and seek support if needed. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


All on your mat. Come prepared with your body ready to respond to tactile cues. This class is super hands on, and the main focus is the pelvic floor. Small props are used through this class. One of the best classes to take after birth; (12-14 weeks post.) Come learn, lengthen, and strengthen, all those areas that our instructors have exclusively trained in.

C_Method® original. This class is closest to a mat pilates class. Our instructors are all privately trained, and have studied under the owner, and creator of the C_Method®. If you’re not a fan of being corrected or touched, this class is not for you.


Focus on your abdominal and oblique muscles. Your core is the anchor for all body movement and exercise. Our instructors will be using technical, tactile cues, to reach areas you’ve never felt before. This class is great after 12-14 weeks postpartum. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


Join us for this upbeat, 20 minute express class. This class is great before or after another class. We target every angle of the booty, come burn and lift with us! Come with bare feet or sticky socks.

C_METHOD® Stretch, Tone, and Flow.

Class is set to a warm temperature to loosen and relax muscles. We will start with a c_method® yoga inspired flow, followed by continuous holding and pulsing variations to tone your muscles, finally wrapping up with a relaxing stretch. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.


30 Minute express class, targeting just the backside and the arms. We will life, tone, and burn those areas. Come with bare feet or sticky socks.