setting our standards above the barre

Certified instructor training for C_Method® Barre. Including volumes for Fusion, Flow, & Form.

No prerequisite or teaching experience required.

C_Method® is simple yet unique. It takes form and safety to a whole new level. Upon completion of  The  C_Method® you will be successful in teaching, practicing and cueing. This main barre training program is your prerequisite for the other three  volumes of the C_Method®. It prepares you for real-life teaching; unlike any other.

 You will bring knowledge, experience- you'll be prepared to make modifications that will best suit you and your individual class.

C_Method® Barre brings everything to the table; high and low resistance, heart pumping energy and slow flow stretching. Your muscles will be tired and shaking, it will change the way you look at teaching. As an instructor, there are many different programs and trainings offered , this training stands out on its own. This method offers the fundamentals on how to teach barre and tools to use in your different practices.

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The music and movement that  C_Method® has customized in its training programs are known to be the most beneficial in the Northeast. You'll be sure to leave your class with promising results and keep clients engaged year after year.  

I look forward to joining you on your path to becoming a highly motivated, prepared C_Method® barre instructor. 


  • C_METHOD® Level One Barre Instructor Training Manual
  • Online instructor videos and playlists.
  • One scheduled mock class
  • Three studio passes at C_Wickson Studios