C_Method® Barre

This 50-minute ballet inspired pilates workout is designed to tone and tighten arms, thighs, abs, and glutes. Start on your mat with a few small props and head to the ballet barre to find your inner dancer. This class is set to fun, high energy music, and finishes back on your mat to stretch out those exhausted muscles and relax. 
  • C_RESULT — Lengthen and lean.
  • Bare feet or sticky socks


We have combined all the good "spots" into one 30 minute express class. We will target the arms, abs and backside. Join us in this toning, burning, and challenging class!
  • C_RESULT —  Mind & body
  • Bare feet


A new class every week! This 30 minute express class includes dance fitness moves to today’s hottest music, with fun glow drum sticks that are just waiting to light up.  A full body workout that’s sure to make you sweat and smile. All levels welcome, modifications will be shown.
  • C_RESULT - Light it up.
  • Clean indoor sneakers

Monday Night Flow Down

Commit to yourself. Challenge your mind, body and soul in this power yoga flow. The class is set to power music and you'll find yourself in a warm room set to about 80 degrees. Get ready to bring the heat, to burn away any self limitations, and pave the path towards your inner strength.
  • C_RESULT - Heat and soul within.
  • Bare feet

C_Method® L O W BARRE

Under the barre we go. This is a limited, express class. Join us with your  mat and props set up under the barre. This class takes all your current barre moves and intensifies them at a different view and position. All levels welcome. 
  • C_RESULT - Under the barre.
  • Bare feet

C_Method® Form

It’s just you, your mat, and some small props. Take this 50-minute mat pilates inspired class, where you work on your mat for the whole class. Sounds easy right? This class is all about your body alignment and getting the most out of your workout, what ever it may be. Tactical cues will be used throughout the class to encourage correct FORM.
  • C_RESULT — Mat pilates inspired.
  • Bare feet or sticky socks

C_Method® BARRE TONE Express

We get have a love hate with the "barre." Jump into this hardcore 20 minute express barre class. You won't need a mat or many props. We will start at the barre with a quick stretch, a couple arm workouts and get right into your legs! 
  • C_RESULT — Sweaty and strong
  • Clean indoor sneakers

Cardio Dance

High energy dance cardio class, mixed with toning exercise moves. Fun music where you can join us and dance those calories away! Only 30 minutes!

  • C_RESULT - Sweat and go.
  • Clean indoor sneakers 


Join us for a gentle, nurturing, slow-paces, well-supported and relaxing practice. The approach includes carefully orchestrated movements, controlled pressure, and well-measured stretches. Poses are purposely held to allow the body to restore as we focus in on our breath. 
  • C_RESULT - Good intentions.
  • Bare feet